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California motor vehicle laws are written to protect innocent drivers and punish drivers who do not obey the laws. The issuance of a ticket by a patrol officer is proof that these laws are constantly enforced and motorists should be aware of the watchful eye of law enforcement. The average driver that receives a ticket will assume they are guilty because of the opinion of a patrol officer. The issuance of a ticket does not prove guilt and tickets can be contested in court.

The state of California is partially funded by the revenues that are collected for violations committed by drivers. The fines that are imposed are expensive and have the chance of being eliminated with a solid legal defense. A driver may not know the steps to take during and after a traffic stop. Information is being collected the entire time from a patrol officer that is trying hard to prove a conviction in court. Our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can explain the steps of the legal process to resolve your charge or accusations against you.

Our experienced team of attorneys can help you with:

• Suspended License
• Warrants
• DMV Hearings
• Misdemeanors

When a driver does not understand the reasoning behind the ticket, the emotional range can vary between confusion and anger. It is natural for a driver to not know every aspect of the law and experienced attorneys who know the law are ready to help. Mistakes can happen during a traffic stop and during completion of the reports made by patrol officers. An in-depth analysis of these documents by our knowledgeable attorneys may uncover inaccuracies that will be presented in court.

If you are a driver that uses transportation as your livelihood, you know the importance of a clean driving record. Your record of safety is constantly judged and a conviction can seriously alter your future employment in the transportation industry. You have the legal right to fight a ticket in court and our experienced team of attorneys knows what to do to bring legal closure to your unique situation. If you have received any traffic violation for either an infraction, like stop sign, red light camera, speeding, unsafe lane change, or misdemeanor, like reckless driving, suspended driver’s license, exhibition of speed, or warrant, DUI, failure to apear in court (FTA), or DMV hearing contact us for a FREE consultation.


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